Kalbelia Dance or Kabeliya Dance is one of the most popular dance style of Rajasthan, performed by a tribe of the same name. They are famous for their unique dance which is an integral part of their culture. Both men and women in the tribe participate in this activity to celebrate joyful occasions. It is also pride for the indian folk dance culture (Indian Kalbelia Dance).

Their dances and songs are a matter of pride and a marker of identity for the Kalbelias and they represent the creative adaptation of this community of snake charmers to changing socioeconomic conditions and their own role in rural society.

The male participants take care of the musical part of the dance. They use the different instruments such as the pungi, a woodwind instrument traditionally played to capture snakes, the dufli, been, morchang, khuralio and the dholak to create the rhythm on which the dancers perform. The dancers are tattooed in traditional designs and wear jewelry and garments richly embroidered with small mirrors and silver thread. As the performance progresses, the rhythm becomes faster and faster and so does the dance. Famous Artist : Gulabo Sapera.

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